How we roll

All you need to know about us and what we are doing to create a greener, wilder world. Something unclear? Please just ask.

Who we are, why we’re here

This is who you are trusting, we’re a decent bunch, promise!
Camila Carelli
Filadelfo Braz
Harry Hely-Hutchinson

We’re here to help you be part of the climate change solution... create a movement of hope in a decade of action

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How Selva works

Effective climate action isn’t just for scientists and governments. With Selva, it’s super easy for you to make a real impact too. Here’s how:


Calculate your carbon footprint
We ask you a few simple questions about your lifestyle to get an accurate estimate of your personal CO2 footprint in less than 2 minutes.


We plant trees to offset your emissions


Track your impact and share the love


Learn and reduce

A company of the future, for the future

Transparency and trust are key - that’s why we want to show you everything
Where your money goes:
To keep Selva going and scale our impact, we have a few costs to cover like servers and processing fees (we aren’t taking any salaries yet!). We also have to spend some money on marketing to spread the word and grow our community.
This is what we use 15% of your contribution for. The remaining 85% goes directly to our forestry partners.
Our fee is a lower % than what other similar companies take and, as we get larger, we will reduce this fee as much as possible.
Here you can find evidence of all of the trees we have planted with your hard earned cash
Our values:
We can do this - We’re full of hope for the future and we wouldn’t be spending our time doing this if we didn’t think it could make a real difference. Optimism is contagious.
The power of one - Every great achievement in human history started out as a single thought. Don’t underestimate your own personal power to change the world.
Question everything - There’s plenty of bullsh*t out there. Some deliberate, some ignorant, much unchallenged. Conventional wisdom is often wrong.
Full disclosure - Transparency is at the heart of what we do. Without it, we don’t have your trust. Something unclear? Please get in touch.