Welcome to the Selva

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Why did we create Selva?

It's safe to say that we're a little bit excited to finally be live, and we’re even more excited that you’ve found us. We have built Selva because we believe our beautiful natural world is worth fighting for and that there's a huge number of people out there who feel the same. We want to make it extremely easy and transparent for absolutely anyone who cares to get involved in effective, trustworthy climate action.

What does Selva do?

Simply, we enable individuals and businesses to offset their carbon footprints by planting trees. We connect people that care with the most reliable, affordable and effective forestry projects around the world that plant trees on their behalf.

We should all look to reduce our carbon footprints, and Selva will help to show you how, but we understand that many of the things that make life worth living, like travelling to see family and friends, create carbon emissions. We’ll never tell you to stop doing that. For the areas of our lives that we can’t, or wont, decarbonise we can plant trees to compensate. Offsetting is not a licence to pollute, it’s a critical component of achieving our global net-zero goals.

What are Selva’s values?

We can do this - We’re full of hope for the future and we wouldn’t be spending our time doing this if we didn’t think it could make a real difference. Optimism is contagious and we are going to spread it everywhere.

The power of the individual - Every great achievement in human history started out as a single thought in a single mind. Don’t underestimate your own personal power to change the world.

Question everything - There’s plenty of bullsh*t out there. Some deliberate, some ignorant, much unchallenged. Conventional wisdom is often wrong, including in the climate space.

Full disclosure - Transparency is at the heart of what we do. Without it, we don’t have your trust. Something unclear? Please get in touch.

Where are we going?

Through the power of trees and collective optimism we want to help create a greener, wilder, more sustainable world. A world where people are engaged in climate action, conscious of the impacts of their choices, and empowered to do their bit without upending their lives.

We’re damn excited to get started. Please explore our website to learn more and get involved. Any questions, email or Whatsapp us directly, we’d love to chat.

Big love from Harry & Fila, the Selva founding team ❤️❤️


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