Madagascan Mangroves

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580 million

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Eden Reforestation

Selva Power Up

Carbon Booster: Because mangroves absorb CO2 at such a rapid rate, if you choose this project, your carbon footprint will be offset 6x over!

Project location
Why we love this project

Mangrove trees, which grow along saltwater coastlines in tropical regions, are epic carbon suckers and storers. They can be up to 10 times more efficient than terrestrial ecosystems at absorbing and storing carbon in the long-term.

Our awesome partners, Eden Reforestation, have hired and trained local villagers to plant hundreds of millions of native mangroves in magical northwestern Madagascar. With your help, they want to plant hundreds of millions more.

As well as absorbing a whole load of CO2, this project also provides income for locals, restores habitats and ecosystems, and prevents soil erosion.

Where each $ goes

For every £, $ or € you channel to this project, 68% goes directly to the muddy business of planting and long-term monitoring of the trees. This includes the costs of the saplings, wages for planters, GPS devices etc etc. 17% goes towards our partner’s overheads which includes the cost of running their offices and administrative staff. The remainder keeps the lights on at Selva and enables us to grow our community.


Our highly experienced partner cares deeply about its trees and local employees are hired to protect and enhance the forests for the long term. The project sites undergo ongoing in-person verification process, with trained personnel creating detailed field studies to record tree survival rates, growth rates, and species diversity.

Moreover, photo and video recordings are taken to capture the before, during, and after stages of site planting progress and, where possible, Eden uses satellite imagery and drone surveys to provide larger-scale mages of planting sites.

Eden works with all levels of government to secure written agreements designating the restoration sites as protected in perpetuity. They are also trusted to plant trees by giant brands like The Bezos Earth Fund, Ecosia and Verizon.

To ensure as much money as possible goes to actually planting trees, Eden has so far chosen not to seek carbon offset verification from an accreditation agency. We sleep very well at night knowing they are responsible for planting your trees.

About our partner

Eden Reforestation really know their trees. Since they were founded in 2004 with the aim of using reforestation as a tool to help reduce poverty, they have planted nearly 500 million trees in 8 countries, across 228 sites, providing nearly 5 million days of employment for some of the world's poorest people!!

We are in awe of the amazing work that they do.

Eden is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organisation based in the US

Photos of the project